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It was in search of an off-the-grid getaway destination that Burch stumbled onto Nihiwatu. While more than 5 million tourists visit Bali every year, official figures show only about 15,000 visit Sumba. Many are heading to the Nihi Sumba resort that Burch and South African hotelier James McBride have been building on the foundations of the Nihiwatu property. Read More

Meet the millionaires (and billionaires) behind Indonesia’s best island hotels

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Six years on, Nihi has forged a strong relationship with the local Sumbanese community -- roughly 93% of the hotel's employees are from nearby towns and villages. In addition, the team has remained connected to the previously established Sumba Foundation, which works to combat poverty and malaria on the island through education, clean water, food and humanitarian aid. "I come back about twice a year with my family. We have a history with the island now," says Burch. "We are trying to protect the island on every level." Read More

Dirty Lemon and Coca Cola Make Partnership Official

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“In an environment in which consumers are overwhelmed with choice, it is more critical than ever for new brands to forge unique relationships with their customers,” said investor Chris Burch, founder and CEO Burch Creative Capital. “Iris Nova’s direct conversation with their community facilitates a level of trust and loyalty that is rare in a modern brand.” Read More

A Five-Star Resort is the Best in the World

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After founding or cofounding several internationally known retail brands — C. Wonder and Tory Burch — and investing in several others, Chris Burch is taking his entrepreneurial eye to a new industry: hospitality. Burch, together with hotelier James McBride, bought a beach hostel on the Indonesian island of Sumba in 2012. The duo spent $30 million renovating the hostel, then reopened it as a five-star resort called Nihiwatu in 2015. Read More

NYC Investor Has Global Holdings

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Burch’s strong grasp on the fashion industry has overseen the creation and maintenance of dozens of successful brands while continuing to explore changing trends in the industry’s landscape. Burch Creative Capital was founded in New York City as a platform for investment, looking for existing opportunities with which to mesh and grow, while the current mission has expanded to focus on innovative new ideas from entrepreneurs. Burch Creative Capital has positioned itself outside of the normal investment firm simply applying funding for a return, and under the direction of Chris Burch, the team is dedicated to investing in creativity, passion [...]

Tribe Raises $7.5M as it Eyes US Expansion

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“With TRIBE we’re finally seeing influencer marketing done right,” said Chris Burch, founder and CEO of investor Burch Creative Capital, in a statement. “The U.S. market has been waiting for a tech platform like this for years and as soon as we heard they were launching stateside, we knew we needed to be a part of it.” Read More

Chris Burch on “The Dreamcast”

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Chris Burch chats with motivational speaker Daniel Budzinski about "The Art of Success” for his podcast series.  Chris discusses his self-esteem, his aversion to the word “entrepreneur,” and shares a story about his college car that never went into reverse gear (spoiler alert: he had to push it out of parking spaces). Have a Listen

Chris Burch on “Figure It Out”

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Chris Burch talks with former NFL athlete Joseph Fauria on his podcast, “Figure It Out with Big Joe.” In an unexpected twist, Chris finds himself helping Joe to figure it out. Have a Listen