NYU Langone Patient-Centered Care Curriculum
Established to optimize Physician-Patient Communication and Patient Experience

It has been Christopher Burch’s passion to champion projects that encourage empathy, compassion, and caring.  In 2014, a visit with Dr. Mark B. Pochapin, director of the division of Gastroenterology at NYU Langone led to the discussion of patient care.  Specifically, the responsibility of physicians and other hospital staff to employ an empathetic interaction as part of the the entire patient experience. With patient-centered care a key component of NYU Langone’s clinical mission, providing physicians with educational training in and resources for practicing the art of medicine is as important as training them in the science of medicine.

This shared outlook, along with support from Burch, resulted in the Patient-Centered Care Curriculum for NYU Langone faculty. Dr. Pochapin and fellow colleagues Elizabeth H. Weinshel, MD and Sophie M. Balzora, MD, together developed the program.  The curriculum consists of a number of educational activities, including lectures, roundtables, and educational objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) simulation sessions. One OSCE session, for example, was structured as part of an IRB study protocol and was designed such that faculty interacted with actors as “standardized patients” in challenging clinical scenarios such as having to tell a patient she had colon cancer or needing to explain a procedure-related complication. The physicians not only received feedback from the trained “patients,” but also were able to review and evaluate their own performance privately, via videotape. Preliminary study results indicated that participants found the exercise beneficial for their clinical practice skills and also pointed to areas in need of further faculty development.

 “Empathy and compassion are extremely critical to a patient’s care and recovery,” says Burch.  “My own positive experience with Dr Pochapin as a patient at NYU Langone prompted me to support this extraordinary program and bring attention to the incredible work of the staff there.”

For more information about the NYU Langone Patient-Centered Care program visit http://nyulangone.org