Traditional investment vehicles try to multiply stakeholder value by using financial leverage.  Burch Creative Capital is different.  We use creativity as leverage.  Our insights into new markets and our tenacity to drive a singular vision allow us to uncover niches, pursue opportunities, and produce returns in ways that reduce what others may perceive as risk.

Creative Leverage is a process and a skill set that the people of Burch Creative Capital use to transform a need into a successful, self-sustaining business:


Understand the emotional motivations of different consumer groups.


Shape unexpected insights into disruptive, boundary-breaking ideas.


Cultivate and transform those ideas into authentic brands.


Apply sourcing strategies and a framework that turns brands into businesses.


Expand businesses to capitalize on opportunities in a borderless world.

The company’s investment philosophy is an expression of Christopher Burch’s entrepreneurial values and his vision for new market opportunities, using a creative skill set along with sound financial practices to create, incubate, support, and scale disruptive brands and businesses.

In his 30-year career as an investor and entrepreneur, Christopher Burch has participated in the rise of more than 50 companies. By combining an intuitive understanding of consumer behavior with international and direct sourcing experience, he has a built a long track record of connecting innovation to impact.

In the past, we were investors looking for existing opportunities. Today, we are entrepreneurs who invent and attract new ones. We apply more than funding to earn a return. We invest our creativity, passion, and insights to create value.


We set out to create disruptive ideas that have a direct, positive, and lasting impact on people’s lives.  It starts with extraordinarily dynamic people and ideas with great momentum. We support concepts that have the potential to scale large – ideas with global appeal.

At the heart of our approach is a commitment to give customers something far more valuable than their purchase: an experience.  Whether it’s the living on the edge of wildness at Nihiwatu, the infectious fun of Poppin, the spirited personality of ED by Ellen, or the luxurious comfort of a Cocoon9’s tiny layout, we believe the emotion we inspire creates value for our customers and, ultimately, our partners and our friends.