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Creative Leverage

Traditional investment vehicles try to multiply stakeholder value by using financial leverage.  Burch Creative Capital is different.  We use creativity as leverage.  Our insights into new markets and our tenacity to drive a singular vision allow us to uncover niches, pursue opportunities, and produce returns in ways that reduce what others may perceive as risk.

Creative Leverage is a process and a skill set that the people of Burch Creative Capital use to transform a need into a successful, self-sustaining business:


Understand the emotional motivations of different consumer groups.


Shape unexpected insights into disruptive, boundary-breaking ideas.


Cultivate and transform those ideas into authentic brands.


Apply sourcing strategies and a framework that turns brands into businesses.


Expand businesses to capitalize on opportunities in a borderless world.

We seek out premiere partners to populate a network of manufacturers, engineers, architects, technology solutions providers and other experts in various fields to provide our portfolio investments with access to the best resources proven to be reliable, quality focused and competitively priced.